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Wire Binding, Twin Loop or Wire-O is one of the most popular methods of binding available today.
Comes in two different pitches (the number of holes punched per inch on A4 / 297mm spine size)

1. Generally smaller sized documents up to 120 pages of 80gsm use 3:1 pitch (3 holes per inch) spine length A4 (297mm) requires 34 holes.
2. Larger sized documents from 120 pages 80gsm up to 280 pages use 2:1 pitch (2 holes per inch) spine length A4 (297mm) requires 23 holes.

Wire Binding is one of the most elegant binding styles available on the market and is popular with real estate offices, architects, engineers and marketing departments. Your presentations always look great. Documents also lie flat with 360-degree rotation, making note taking and photocopying hassle-free. Choose from a variety of colours and spine sizes for your project.

This style is ideal for higher end presentations and proposals but should not be mailed without protection for the metal spines can become deformed.

However, if you are considering using Wire Binding in your office there are a few User-Tips you might like to know …

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Wire Binding

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